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Gender Confusion and the Family

Report on a conference organised by Support 4 the Family and held in Westminster, London on Saturday 8 June 2019

The purpose of the conference was to address the following issues:

The cultural and political wars against all the world’s religious faiths as well as against reason and science are reaching a climax. New laws are being passed based on the novel belief that the sex of human beings as either male or female is not fixed at conception but “assigned” at birth and may be “reassigned” in later life to suit individual “feelings” and desires to be any of one or indeed of several fluctuating “genders".

This threatens the very basis of the social order that has been taken for granted for millennia, that human beings are created as male and female and that their sexual union leads to the birth of the next generation and the creation of the family.

Keynote speaker: Dr. Quentin Van Meter

Dr. Van Meter, from Atlanta USA, is a paediatric endocrinologist working within the pharmaceutical industry doing clinical research trials.

He told us that the treatment of transgender patients has changed during the last few years so that the tried and tested "Watch and Wait" method has been displaced by the much more invasive "Gender Affirmation" method with disastrous consequences. There has been an epidemic of patient referrals for gender incongruence, leading to treatments involving puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones which interfere with the natural process of sexual development. For some of them, the next stage is transgender surgery which is a gruesome process in both directions. For boys transitioning to girls it means castration. For girls transitioning to boys it means taking muscle tissue from the arm and using it to construct a penis which can discharge urine but is otherwise purely ornamental and has no sensation.

He recommended that gender affirmative treatments should be stopped while we conduct a review of patient care.

Here is a video of his talk:

For a summary of his talk see the following PDF document:
Hormone Specialist calls for Gender Affirmative Treatments to be Stopped

Legal viewpoint: Roger Kiska

Roger Kiska, legal counsel at Christian Concern / Christian Legal Centre, said that the number of gender confused children in the UK has risen dramatically. There were 97 referrals to gender identity clinics in 2009, rising to 2519 referrals in 2018, due to the exposure of children to transgender affirming policies. He called it a "national safeguarding scandal" that disregards both UK and international law.

Here is a video of his talk:

Challenges of Gender Confusion: Rev. Lynda Rose

Lynda Rose, Voice for Justice UK / ParentPower

Lynda Rose from Voice for Justice UK and ParentPower also affirmed the rapid rise in the number of children seeking gender re-assignment, and said that medical staff were resigning from the Tavistock Centre because they were being asked to treat people who had got nothing wrong with them. She also spoke about artificially conceived children who are treated as commodities and don't know their origins.

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0.00 scientific basis for gender fluidity, says noted paediatrician

Will Jones, Rebel Priest, 17 June 2019

Treatment of children with gender incongruence has been hijacked by ‘political activism’, noted paediatric endocrinologist Dr Quentin Van Meter has said.

Addressing a conference on Gender Confusion and the Family in Westminster last week, the president of the American College of Paediatricians said that critics of the new affirming approach to transgenderism in children are being stifled, publications are being suppressed, academic faculty fear repercussions and major gatherings are not accepting contrary speakers. But none of this activism is based on science or medical evidence.

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American College of Pediatricians Urges Surgeon General to Investigate Medical Transgendering of Children

Quentin Van Meter, Anglican Mainstream, 22 July 2019

The American College of Pediatricians was joined today by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, the Catholic Medical Association, and the Alliance for Therapeutic Choice in urging the Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. Jerome Adams, to issue a call to action regarding transgender medical interventions for children. ...

Dr. Cretella, executive director of the ACPeds stated, “Harmful hormonal and surgical interventions are being routinely prescribed to gender dysphoric youth in lieu of ethical psychotherapy despite the fact that the vast majority will outgrow their GD if allowed to progress through natural puberty.”

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