Support 4 the Family in UKIP

Gender Confusion and the Family

Expert insights into gender confusion

Conference at the Emmanuel Centre,
9-23 Marsham St, London SW1P 3DW

Saturday 8 June 2019
9:30am - 5pm

The cultural and political wars against all the world’s religious faiths as well as against reason and science are reaching a climax. New laws are being passed based on the novel belief that the sex of human beings as either male or female is not fixed at conception but “assigned” at birth and may be “reassigned” in later life to suit individual “feelings” and desires to be any of one or indeed of several fluctuating “genders".

This threatens the very basis of the social order that has been taken for granted for millennia, that human beings are created as male and female and that their sexual union leads to the birth of the next generation and the creation of the family.

To clarify the current confusion, Support 4 the Family is hosting this day conference.

9:30 Arrival and Registration

10:00 Speakers:

Dr. Mike Davidson, Core Issues Trust:
Helping gender-and sex-confused individuals and their families:
Counselling, strategies and practical advice

Roger Kiska, Christian Concern / Christian Legal Centre:
Gender Identity - A Parents' Guide

Rev. Lynda Rose, Voice for Justice UK and Parent Power:
Challenges of Gender Confusion

Our international guest, a paediatric endocrinologist and Clinical Associate
Professor of Pediatric Medicine at two institutions will bring us the latest
research in the field and will speak on:
Transparency in Transgender Medicine

13:00 Lunch Break.

Light refreshments will be available and snacks may be purchased at the centre.

14:00 Break-out groups for discussion and role-play:

Alan Craig, UKIP Spokesman for Families and Children

Discussing Gender Confusion in family and social
settings and in the public square:

  • Rapid Onset of Gender Dysphoria as a Growing Phenomenon;
  • Gender Mainstreaming in Schools;
  • Pressures on Parents of Gender Non-Conforming Children by the State;
  • Challenges to Medical Science and Therapy.

16:30 - 17:00 Finish

Exhibitions (throughout the day):

  • Support 4 the Family;
  • Christian Concern;
  • Voice for Justice / ParentPower;
  • Core Issues Trust;
  • Marriage, Sex and Culture Group, Anglican Mainstream.

Other groups to be confirmed.


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