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Alan Williams with Nigel Farage at the fringe meeting

Fringe Meeting at UKIP Spring Conference, Llandudno, February 2016

Support4theFamily was delighted to participate in UKIP's Spring Conference in beautiful Llandudno, Wales. We ran a fringe event, complete with balloons, chocolate, coffee and juice. We had some good conversations with party leaders who appear to share our concerns. Indeed, we felt they were on our page and very supportive. Others dropped by to chat and we felt it well worth our time and investment.

We offered a wide variety of resources and literature to help the confused who want the best for family life but who often do not know where to turn. Frequently there is a realization that things are seriously amiss, but very little idea as to what to do about it!

Groups who are doing great work at the cutting edge of these issues include Lovewise, Safe At School, Family Education Trust, Anglican Mainstream and Christian Concern. Visitors were encouraged to sign up for weekly updates, check out sites as well as join Support4theFamily.

Dr Lisa Nolland gave a brief presentation about certain toxic (in her view) SRE (sex and relationship education) and 'equalities' curricula in schools. Some SRE is fine---it gives helpful advice, is age-appropriate and works well. She focused on the toxic, which increasingly frames the issues in terms of youngsters 'exploring' their sexuality via a pan sexual model. As such it is as if they are being taught to play with fire ('safely') even though the waiting rooms of doctors and therapists are filling up with kids who have been burned, inside and out.

This is pure Kinseyan ideology---propaganda, really---and neither medically up-to-date, accurate nor 'safe'. Though acclaimed the Father of the Sex Revolution, few know the real Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956), US biologist whose 'research' helped to birth the Sex Revolution. He approved violent sex, paedophilia and, though troubled by impotence, had hundreds of male partners. As a role model he could not fail more spectacularly! See Judith Reisman's list of Kinsey's research and collaborators.

Indeed, fraudulent assurances of 'safe' sex with condoms; tacit endorsement and promotion of extreme and bizarre sexual activities; minimization of negative and sometimes life-changing consequences all surface in this problematic SRE.

Kids are warned 'SMOKING KILLS' and yet one cigarette does not end their life. However, one sexual encounter gone amiss can be a game changer, but it is in the interests of the sexual health industry to trivialise risks and downplay damage. Dr Miriam Grossman is an excellent resource here: You’re Teaching My Child What? See also her website.

The financial aspects of all this---£1 billion per year on STIs alone (Jan 2012) (1) ---are rarely mentioned.

In relation to the equalities agenda, we want all children to flourish and feel safe, but this is not that! In fact an Ofsted report (2012) admits that, after questioning over 1000 primary and secondary aged youngsters, less than a dozen had been specifically bullied because of their sexuality. Ofsted then labelled as 'homophobic bullying' all sorts of non-specified, 'I have been bullied because I have been different' kinds of bullying. Yet over £2 million have been given to schools to deal with ‘homophobia’.

In fact, children are being tacitly sexualized in primary school through such literacy curriculum such as 'CHIPS' (Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools). 8-9s are marrying their best same-sex friend in mock gay marriage rites as part of a normal day at school (!) while slightly older children are encouraged to support gay rights in their city's PRIDE march. And for those who do not know what happens in Gay Pride (especially after the BBC has stopped filming), it is not just ‘a little bit of naughty fun’. (2)

This is part of a much more pernicious social engineering project which many parents and people of faith (and none!) would actively oppose. What adults do is their business but this is targeting vulnerable children who cannot properly assess what is highly controversial adult content.

We long for the best for our children but this is not that! If you wish to know more, or want to stop this madness, please get in touch with Support4theFamily through our contact page and mark your enquiry for Lisa Nolland.

(1) Free sex: Who pays? Guy Brandon, Jubilee Centre

(2) Educate and Celebrate: PRIDE in Primary Education is CHIPS 2016, though CHIPS is still in many schools. Pride in Primary drops the homophobia angle (which was used to get to first base, as it were) and concentrates on promoting LGBT causes in nursery and primary schools.

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Lisa Nolland giving her talk