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Transformed By God's Love

Transformed Ministries are happy to provide speakers in the UK to address the issues of sexuality and faith to churches, small groups or youth groups.

Natalia Osipenko


Kovdor, Murmansk , Russia

Natalia Uzhakova


Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine

Ex-Gay and Ex-Trans Testimonies

Do you know anyone who used to be homosexual but has turned straight? It's likely that you've met a few of them but don't know it. Many people go through a phase in their lives where they feel attracted to the same sex but the feeling diminishes as they get older, and they turn straight. They might never have even come out as gay, so they don't feel the need to tell anyone they are not gay any longer. For those who have come out as gay and got involved in the LGBT community, turning straight is a lot more difficult. The community will not be sympathetic, they believe that homosexuals are "born gay" and cannot change. There is no science behind this belief, it's an ideology that has been constructed to acquire rights, but LGBT activists believe in it passionately. Turning straight is considered to be an act of disloyalty and those who do so might try to avoid confrontation by drifting away quietly and returning to the world of straight. So if you count all the quiet ones, there might be more ex-gays around than you think.

Do you know anyone who used to be transgender but changed their mind and went back to their original sex? In this case it's more likely to be obvious, depending on how far they have gone along the path towards the opposite gender. The effects of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are difficult to entirely reverse, and if they have had transgender surgery there are physical mutilations that have to be disguised or hidden.

But they don't all stay quiet. There are people all over the world who have turned away from the LGBT lifestyle in all its variations and they have stories to tell the world. They have various motivations, some want to challenge the LGBT ideology, and some want to help others. For most it's a bit of both. This page connects to various websites where you will find people telling their stories, mostly using their real names and photographs, although there are a few who have chosen to remain anonymous.

The one thing that occurs most frequently in these testimonies is a deep religious faith, and you will hear over and over again that Jesus has set people free.

The Right to Decide:
Seeking justice for choices around unwanted same-sex attractions

It's December 2019 now and most of the links on this page are to contemporary websites that might be updated, but first I want to go back to 2012 when Dr. Mike Davidson, co-director of the Core Issues Trust, published a 51-page booklet with the above title. It contains 13 testimonies from people who had turned away from the homosexual or lesbian lifestyle with some degree of success, and the main theme is their right to do so as a matter of personal choice, a right that was being obstructed from within the psychological profession, and from homosexual activists everywhere who denounced them as "homophopic". All the testimonies are anonymous, such was the pressure at that time, a pressure that still exists although there are a lot more people now coming out as ex-LGBT and they are much more vocal because they are tired of being denied a voice. The booklet is available as a PDF here.

Voices of the Silenced

In 2018 the Core Issues Trust brought together a team of film producers and made a documentary film called "Voices of the Silenced", about how the ancient Greeks and Romans had a system of sexual ethics very similar to the LGBT political activism that has taken hold today. In those days Judaism was counter-cultural and stood up to the prevailing sexual politics, and provided the basis for the Judeo-Christian culture and family values that have sustained the Western World for centuries. Now we see it being undermined and Christianity needs to be in the same way counter-cultural, speaking out against the prevailing born-gay myth.

The film promo page is here and if you scroll down past the trailers and marketing, you get to a section called "Voices: Witnesses" where you will find a collection of videos from ex-gays in various countries who "reject the idea that their ‘orientation’ is innate and immutable".

Then as you scroll down further there are more videos and interviews, including the cast of the film, some of whom are ex-gay.

X-Out-Loud Europe shares the stories of people who are ex-gay, ex-trans, children of gay, or otherwise affected by the LGBT lifestyle. There are live interviews on Facebook every week where you can submit questions. You can also find them on YouTube.

Pure Love Ex LGBT Ministry

This site is based in Italy and some of the testimonies are in multiple languages but most of them are just in Italian. They translate testimonies from other languages to reach the Italian people.

There are collections of testimonies on the Home page and the Testimonianze page, and when you get to the bottom of a testimony there are links to the previous and next ones.

If you need help with the language, Google Translate is quite good.


Moving on to the USA there is the CHANGED movement with their distinctive black t-shirts with CHANGED in white capitals. Here is the latest page of stories and when you get to the bottom you click the link for a page of older ones.

Not the Same Love

Moving in the other direction to the Far East there is a site in Indonesia called Not the Same Love. The Languages used are English, French, Bahasa Indonesian and Italian (in which case some of the links go off to the Italian Amore Puro site).

Two Prisms

Moving even further east to Australia and New Zealand there is the Two Prisms site. This site gives some data about the testimonies. It tells us how long they were in the LGBT lifestyle, how long since they came out of it, and the change in their same-sex feelings on the following scale:

  • No change
  • Some change
  • Significant change
  • Full change

Why do they call it Two Prisms?

Also in Australia there is the Free to Change site, run by CAUSE (Coalition Against Unsafe Sexual Education) which was convened in January 2018 to unite various groups including concerned parents responding to inappropriate sexual education in schools. As a subsequent issue CAUSE has become involved in the debate over the human rights of people to determine their sexual orientation and to seek assistance in doing so.


This documentary film from Uprooted Heart tells the stories of 12 people who have been transformed by love, each giving their personal testimony of overcoming same sex attraction and entering into a journey of life surrendered to Jesus.

Mike Gascoigne, 6 Dec. 2019, updated 14 August 2020

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Changed by Love, Grace Without Borders

Does equality and diversity include ex-gays?

Changed By Love

Core Issues Trust with local churches at 'Pride in Surrey' event in Woking, August 2019

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Rainbow 7

In the Far East they don't use the term "ex-gay" so much, they prefer to think in terms of crossing over from the deficient 6-colour rainbow of the LGBT flag to the natural 7-colour rainbow of light that represents the Biblical symbol of God's covenant with humanity. This site is based in Taiwan and is entirely in Chinese, but they have a Facebook page that has English translations. See also a photo report from the Core Issues Trust on the Global Rainbow Crossers Alliance, Taiwan, 2019.

Renew Ministries

Freedom and wholeness, not through a method, but a person - the Lord Jesus Christ. Renew Ministries has a network of ministries and churches, throughout the region of Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, providing support for those affected by same sex attraction.