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Rights of Mum and Dad
as nurturers and educators of their children

Rights of children
to access their natural parents

Right to childhood innocence
No sex education in primary schools

Right to believe
that marriage is a man and a woman only

Marilyn Day wearing our "Support 4 the Family" t-shirt


Responding to Harassment

Ex-Gay & Ex-Trans Verboten!

No counselling for unwanted same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria for people under 18.

No ex-gay or ex-trans testimonies.

Penalties: up to 1 year in prison or a fine of 30,000 Euros!

Due to be implemented soon.

Read the Bill (in German)

Deutche Bundestag

Comment from the International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice (IFTCC):
... The proposal is an irresponsible intrusion into the private lives of vulnerable citizens who experience unwanted sexual attraction or gender identity confusion in that it will prevent them from knowing about change-allowing counselling and finding appropriate help... Read more and see the full response in English and in German.

Something very similar is happening in Canada.

On 25 May 2020 Calgary City Council passed a bylaw prohibiting "conversion therapy". It's every bit as draconian as the German law with prohibitions on the therapy itself and the promotion, and with fines and imprisonment for violations. It even affects churches, the denominations to which they are affiliated, and the owners of buildings in the event that someone gives a testimony that features a successful outcome of a counselling experience.

Read the bylaw

Dr. Mike Davidson interviewing Dr. Ann Gillies, trauma therapist

Watch the video

See also: Free to Care

Our kids are being taught what?!

Conference held in London on 22 February 2020

Our kids are being taught what?!

Conference organisers: Marriage, Sex and Culture group of Anglican Mainstream.

Click here for documentary video (15 min.)
Video production: Matthew Grech, IFTCC Communications team.

See also a report of the event from Peter Simpson,
pastor of Penn Free Methodist Church.

Stop hate speech against Christians. Investigate Franklin Graham’s bullying opponents for hate crimes.

Stop hate speech against Christians. Investigate Franklin Graham’s bullying opponents for hate crimes.

Sign the Petition!

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) has already come to England

Next Stop Wales

In September 2019, in England, Relationships Education (RE) was introduced to primary schools. At the same time Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) was introduced to secondary schools. Both of these are on a trial basis but are due to become compulsory in September 2020.

Wales is due to follow suit with the removal of the parental right to withdraw children from both sex education and religious education. This will be followed by a new curriculum in 2022 including Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) and Religious Education (RE), both as compulsory subjects. There is also a proposal to re-brand RE to 'Religions and Worldviews' to widen its scope and include non-religious views and lifestyles.

The process has already started with a public consultation and all UK citizens are invited to take part, not just those who live in Wales. The deadline for the consultation is 28 November 2019.

This is not a long and tedious questionnaire. There are only 7 questions and most of them don't need to be answered. They are:

  1. "What implications would there be for learners, parents/ guardians/ carers and schools if all learners were required to receive Religious Education (RE) and/or Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) lessons in the new curriculum?"
    This is the only question you need to answer in detail.

  2. This question is about what support the schools will need if they don't follow the advice you have given them in Question 1. There is no need to answer this question. Why should we tell them how to wage their ideological war against parents?

  3. This is about doing their clampdown in piecemeal fashion and you don't need to answer this either.

  4. This is about re-branding Religious Education to 'Religions and Worldviews', which could mean anything, but based on performance so far it's going to include LGBT.

  5. This is about Welsh language which might be of interest to people in Wales.

  6. This is also about Welsh language.

  7. This is where you can say anything you like.

That's it, there are a few short documents to read and then you can have it done and dusted in about an hour.

To get started, first read these two documents from Voice for Justice UK:

Briefing: Welsh Government Consultation

Briefing: Responding to the Welsh Government Consultation

Then go to the Welsh Government Website, read the documents and start filling in the survey.

Don't miss the deadline: 28 November 2019.

Mike Gascoigne
6 November 2019

NEC Elections, October 2019

We sent a policy survey to all candidates and received replies from:

Freddy Vachha and Nicole Bushill

They turned out to be the two leading candidates:


UKIP National Conference, Newport, 20-21 September 2019

Exhibition stand at the UKIP National Conference in Worcester
Mike Gascoigne, Marilyn Day and Debbie Pitt, looking after the exhibition stand.

This conference was held under conditions of contoversy. The newly elected Party Leader had declined to participate in circumstances where his chosen appointments of Deputy Leader and Party Chairman had been refused by the National Executive Committee. The number of delegates was less than half the usual attendance, but our exhibition was as popular as ever and we gave out the usual amount of literature including about 500 copies of the School Gate Campaign leaflet.

School Gate Campaign

In September 2019 the following new subjects will be introduced in schools throughout England:

  • Relationships Education in primary schools;

  • Relationships and Sex Education in secondary schools.

These subjects will become compulsory in all schools, including independent schools and academies, in September 2020.

In the interests of equality and diversity children will be taught that:

  • They can choose their gender;

  • If they have a best friend of the same sex they might be gay.

Am I a boy or a girl?

Here is a video that explains the situation

What are they teaching about LGBT?

Action: Distribute leaflets to parents outside schools in your area. They are available from the School Gate Campaign and here is a PDF. (2.5MB)

Please observe the following guidelines:

  • Give out your leaflets from a public footpath outside the school. Do not enter the premises.

  • Give out your leaflets in the afternoon when the parents collect their children from school. Do not give them out in the morning because the children might take them into school and it distracts them from their lessons.

If you intend to stand as a candidate for the County Council in the 2021 local elections you may want to target the schools in your Electoral Division.

See our print-friendly Guidelines for Distributors. Please make copies and give them to anyone who helps you with distribution.

The new subjects are based on Sections 34 and 35 of the Children and Social Work Act 2017. For details of what is required by the Department for Education, see their Statutory Guidance.

It's Coming Soon to Wales

New statutory Relationships and Sexuality Education for Wales
Cardiff University News, 22 May 2018

A review of the Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) curriculum in Wales has led to sweeping changes in how it will be taught in schools.

Education Secretary Kirsty Williams announced that this area of study will become Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) – a statutory part of Wales’ new curriculum, which will be in place from 2022... Read more

Something Rotten in the State of England

Voice for Justice UK, 4 Oct 2019

The Department for Education has issued new advice to schools, specifically aimed at handling parental protests over LGBT teaching outside Primary schools. Entitled Primary school disruption over LGBT teaching / Relationships Education: Advice for Local Authorities on steps to manage issues, it has reportedly been sent to all head teachers. VfJUK is in possession of a copy but, as far as we can ascertain, you will not find any reference to this document on the DfE website, which is why a link cannot be provided... Read more.

See also: BBC

STOP PRESS: 10 October 2010
The Department for Education has published the document here.

Well Done Richard Braine

UKIP Party Leader

During the Party Leadership contest we sent out a policy survey to all candidates, as we have done at all similar elections since 2016.

The two candidates who filled it in came first and second.

Richard Braine
Freddy Vachha
Ben Walker
Mike Hookem

To see their responses click here.

Gender Confusion and the Family

A day conference hosted by Support 4 the Family on Saturday 8 June 2019 at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster, London.

Dr. Quentin Van Meter speaking about 'Transparency in Transgender Medicine' and calling for gender affirmative treatments to be stopped.

For a detailed report including other speakers click here.

Parliament Approves Relationships Education

Since the Children and Social Work Act was passed through Parliament in 2017, parents have been concerned about compulsory new subjects that would be taught to their children at an inappropriate age, including sexual orientation and gender identity. There have been two stages of public consultation about how the new subjects would be implemented, and there have been petitions and street protests. There were numerous informal discussions between politicians in the House of Commons and they finally debated the following motion on Wednesday 20 March 2019:

"I beg to move that the draft Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education (England) Regulations 2019, which were laid before this House on 25 February, be approved."

It was a lively debate, with many members asking about the "exceptional circumstances" in which a parent could be refused a request to withdraw their child from sex education. When they were asked to vote, the verbal response was indecisive, it was difficult to tell which side had the larger numbers, and it was too late in the day for a division, so they deferred the division until the following Wednesday, 27 March. See the transcript and video.

The timing of the debate had been chosen as an opportunity to bury bad news. The Government knew that Relationships Education was unpopular, so they held the debate just nine days before the deadline for Article 50 when everybody was concerned about the progress of our departure from the European Union. They held the deferred division just two days before the deadline, when the House of Commons was packed out with members who were present for a debate on Brexit amendment options. It was a convenient time for everybody to file into the lobby and vote on Relationships Education, even though relatively few of them had attended the debate a week earlier. The division went ahead and the result was:

Ayes: 538
Noes: 21

For the list of MPs and how they voted, click here.

What are we supposed to make of this? Considering that the original vote (by verbal response) on the day of the debate had been indecisive, this result is ridiculous. It's a consequence of large numbers of MPs voting on something they are not really interested in.

Article 50 duly expired at 11pm on 29 March, but we didn't leave the European Union as we had hoped, we were given an extension (which might be illegal and the High Court is dealing with that issue). Parliament adjourned for the Easter break and then they came back, and on 24 April the motion was debated in the House of Lords. It started off with statements of support from the LGBT, followed by opposition from Members who believed that it undermined the rights of parents as the primary educators of their children. When it was time to vote, some said "Content" but there was hardly a pause to hear anyone say "Not content" before the Speaker said "The contents have it". Here is the transcript and video.

This is the end of the Parliamentary process. Relationships Education will be implemented throughout England, in some schools in September 2019, and will be compulsory in all schools in September 2020.

What do we do now?

We are all subject to the law, but Government has to be by consent. It causes trouble when politicians are out of touch with the people they serve. The Birmingham Parkfield parents have given us an example of what can be achieved when they act in solidarity. We have also seen what happens when someone acts alone. It's time for all parents to examine the ethos of the schools where they send their children. All schools are not the same, and all communities are not the same. There are people monitoring the situation around the country and we will keep you informed.

Ultimately, street protests are not the solution. We need to have Members of Parliament who are in touch with the people, and we can achieve it by voting UKIP. Our Interim Manifesto 2018, Section 7 says:

"UKIP opposes gender confusion ideologies and the implementation of compulsory LGBT-inclusive relationships education in primary schools, due to be introduced from September 2019."

Mike Gascoigne, 29 April 2019

Protect Parent's Rights
Thousands of these postcards, from the SPUC Safe at School Campaign, were sent to the Secretary of State for Education

Demo outside Parliament
Demo outside Parliament on 25 February 2019 during a debate on Relationships and Sex Education in response to a petition that reached 100,000 signatures

Young Independence National Conference, Worcester, 10 November 2018

Kirstan Herriot at the S4TF Exhibition stand at the YI conference in Worcester
Kirstan Herriot, UKIP Party Chairman, with visitors to our exhibition stand: Rosie Fellows and Matthew Bannister, and Chairman of Support 4 the Family Alan Williams.

For details of the conference including some of the speeches see the Young Independence Facebook Page.

International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice

Launch Meeting, 15 October 2018, Emmanuel Centre, London

International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice
Supporters of the IFTCC with their banner outside the Home Office in Marsham Street. Do you recognise a few people who are involved with Support 4 the Family?
Photo: Marilyn Day

For the IFTCC website: click here.

To play the launch video (3hr 20min): click here.

Reform of the Legal Requirements for Divorce

Public Consultation from the Ministry of Justice

The Government wants to change the divorce laws so that a divorce can be granted without giving a reason for it!

You will have no right to contest it!

Fill in the survey.

Deadline: Monday 10 December 2018

Read more

David Gauke
Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice

UKIP National Conference, Birmingham, September 2018

Left to right: Marilyn Day, David Cox, Martin Brown, Gerard Batten leader of UKIP, Raymond Stewart, Mike Gascoigne

This was our first exhibition as a recognised UKIP Special Interest Group and our busiest ever since we first started up in 2015. We had people coming to our stand as soon as the doors were opened on Friday morning and we were busy talking to people almost the whole time until the conference ended on Saturday afternoon.

We had lots of materials to give out including:

  • The Transgender Delusion. Our new leaflet about the totalitarian subjugation of the people through transgender ideology. It also includes an article about Abortion on Demand. The pro-abortion lobby in Parliament wants to decriminalise abortion by amendment of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861.
    See our Resources page for details about how to print this leaflet.

  • Reform of the Gender Recognition Act. Our advice about a public consultation from the Government Equalities Office. They want to make it easier for people to legally change their gender. The closing date for the survey is Friday 19 October 2018.

  • Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education, and Health Education. Our advice about a public consultation from the Department for Education. They want to use the Children and Social Work Act 2017 to promote homosexual and transgender ideologies in schools. The closing date for the survey is Wednesday 7 November 2018.
    We also had on the table a copy of Relationships and Sex Education: The Way Forward by Voice for Justice UK. We didn't have copies to give out but it's available here.

  • No Good Reason: The Case Against No-Reason Divorce. A leaflet from the Coalition for Marriage arguing that so-called "no fault divorce" will not avoid conflict. It will create more conflict because it will be possible to get a divorce without even giving a reason. For example you might want to divorce your spouse for being ill but you don't want to say so.

  • Rough Justice in the Gulag Britannica. The response of the State to two brave campaigners against sexual abuse, Tommy Robinson and Melanie Shaw.

These are ongoing issues and we will feature the latest developments at our next exhibition on 10 November at the Young Independence Conference.

Alan Craig, UKIP's first ever Spokesperson for Families and Children, speaks at the Conference

Alan says: "I am talking about something that has happened outside schools, outside children's homes, in shopping malls, quite openly, in public, in town and city, up and down the country ... what has happened over the last decades is nothing less than (and I use this word advisedly) a holocaust of our children, of our daughters."

watch video

Alan Craig at UKIP Conference Birmingham 2018
Alan Craig
Spokesperson for Families and Children

Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education, and Health Education

Public Consultation from the Department for Education

Mike Gascoigne
16 September 2018

From December 2017 to February 2018 the Department for Education held a consultation on Changes to the teaching of Sex & Relationship Education and PSHE, otherwise known as the Call for Evidence.

The purpose of the survey was to evaluate the public response to the introduction of new compulsory subjects as a consequence of the Children and Social Work Act 2017. These are:

  • Relationships Education in primary schools;

  • Relationships and Sex Education in secondary schools.

Damian Hinds
Secretary of State for Education

These new subjects will complement or replace existing teaching on these subjects, but elements of Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) will be retained for continuity.

The results of the survey have been used to produce draft regulations and guidance for the new subjects, and now a second consultation is in progress to get them ready to put before Parliament for debate.

We have been concerned, since the Children and Social Work Bill was introduced, that Relationships Education would become a platform for the introduction of sexual orientation and transgender ideology to young children from the age of 4. There is no requirement for sex education in primary schools (although some schools might decide to teach it), which means that children will be taught about sexual orientation before they are taught about sex. In other words, they will learn to be gay before they know how to be straight.

We were also concerned that the Children and Social Work Act removes the right of parents to withdraw their children from sex education when it is taught as part of Relationships and Sex Education.

We encouraged our supporters to get involved in the Government’s public consultation and we would like to thank all those who did so. Now they have launched a second consultation and we would like you to get involved again. The deadline is Wednesday 7 November 2018.

You don't have to answer all the questions, you might only be interested in a few of them. For our instructions about the questions we think are important, and how you should answer them, click here.

See also the briefing from the Safe at School campaign, a project of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children.

Government Publishes LGBT Action Plan

Mike Gascoigne
11 July 2018, Updated 17 July 2018

On 3 July 2018 the Government Equalities Office, under the direction of Penny Mordaunt MP, published their LGBT Action Plan: Improving The Lives Of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual And Transgender People, available here.

The plan is based on the results of a national survey conducted from 23 July to 15 October 2017, open to LGBT people including anyone who identified as having a minority sexual orientation, gender identity or had variations in sex characteristics including intersex (unusual variations in chromosomes and other physical characteristics). Straight people were excluded from the survey.

Predictably, the plan is favourable to the interests of the LGBT, regardless of what anybody else thinks, and the Government Equalities Office will establish an ‘LGBT Implementation Fund’ with initial funding of £4.5m to enable public, private and voluntary sector organisations to deliver projects that implement the findings of the survey.

Penny Mordaunt
Minister for Women and Equalities

The Government Equalities Office will also complete its anti-homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying programme, funded with £3m and targeted to reach more than 1,200 schools in England by March 2019. As we have seen already on many occasions, the excuse of "anti-bullying" will be used to promote LGBT values in schools where nobody is interested.

It also says they will update Sex and Relationships Education to support the Government’s reforms, including Relationships Education in primary schools. This confirms what we have already predicted, that children will learn about sexual orientation and transgender as soon as they start school. See our conference handout on the Children and Social Work Act 2017.

Opposition to 'Conversion Therapy'

The plan is totally opposed to so-called 'conversion therapy', denouncing it as wrong, harmful and violent, and the Government Equalities Office will fully consider all legislative and non-legislative options to prevent it from being practiced or promoted. However, it does not say what 'conversion therapy' actually is, and why they think there is something wrong with it.

It does not even mention the existence of ex-gays, which is somewhat surprising considering that they claim to have included all types of sexual minorities in the survey. They have published a Research Report based on the survey, and we have noted the following points:

  • Table 2.1. Out of 118,420 reponses, 7,360 were rejected as 'not eligible' including some that came from people who were not considered to be LGBT. This raises an interesting question about ex-gays who might have filled in the survey. Were they considered to be LGBT, on the basis that they have a sexual history that is different from the rest of us and are therefore a sexual minority, or were they considered to be straight and therefore not eligible?

  • Table 2.2. Among the valid responses, the sexual orientations were: lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, pansexual, queer, other, don’t know, prefer not to say. For transgenders there is the additional category of heterosexual. Could some ex-gays have been included in "other, don’t know, prefer not to say"?

  • Figure 3.2. Gives the sexual orientation of respondents, according to age group, and in each group there are small minorities of "other, don’t know, prefer not to say". Could this have included some ex-gays?

  • Section 5.7. Gives some data about who had undergone or been offered 'conversion therapy' and who was offering it, but says very little about what it is, and nothing about the outcomes. It doesn't even mention the existence of ex-gays.

We are making enquiries with the Equalities Office to find out what they did with people who are ex-gay, but anyone who doubts that they exist should watch the video: Voices of the Silenced.

It is also a matter of interest that "ex-gay" is recognised in law as a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010, as a consequence of the Judgement of Mrs Justice Lang at the Appeal Court Hearing of the Core Issues Trust v. Transport for London. (scroll down to paragraph 98).

Update 31 July 2018

We have heard from the Government Equalities Office and they say:

Your request has been handled as a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000...

The response options in the National LGBT Survey for sexual orientation were Bisexual, Gay/Lesbian, Heterosexual/Straight, Don’t Know, Prefer not to say and Other (please specify). Respondents selecting ‘Other’ were asked to write their sexual orientation in a text box. We received a wide variety of answers in the box, including a very low number who described themselves as ‘ex-gay’. This number was below the threshold of 6 that we would be able to release due to the need to protect the anonymity of respondents.
These cases were classified in the analysis as having an ‘other’ sexual orientation and included in analysis, including at figure 3.2.

[They mean figure 3.2 of the Research Report mentioned above]

My comments: Considering that the Government Equalities Office has acknowledged the existence of ex-gays, by including them as part of the data in a Research Report, do they acknowledge that they have rights, the same as any other sexual minority? And why are they persecuting the therapists who are helping them to succeed?

Consultation on Reform of the Gender Recognition Act

The deadline for this consultation has expired, but because of the overwhelming response they extended it to Monday 22 October at 12 noon and it could be extended even further. See Christian Voice

Here is another consultation from the Government Equalities Office and this time everybody can fill it in, it isn't limited to the LGBT. It opened on 3 July 2018 (to correspond with the publication of the LGBT Action Plan) and it closes on 19 October 2018.

The survey is available here. It includes a Consultation Document which gives you some explanations of the Gender Recognition Act, the terminologies that are used, and the list of questions with some further explanations. There is also a document on the Public Sector Equality Duty that you might want to read.

We have been busy reviewing these documents and produced a briefing about how to fill it in, on the basis that we are all born male or female and changing your gender is a delusion.

Christian Doctor Fired in UK for Suggesting Gender Is Biological

Breitbart, 10 July 2018.

A medical doctor with 26 years of experience working at the National Health Service (NHS) has been deemed “unfit to work” after insisting on identifying patients by their biological sex... read more

Tommy Robinson arrested and sent to prison for saying that he doesn't like rape grooming gangs

STOP PRESS: On 23 February 2019, Tommy showed his Panodrama film in front of thousands of supporters outside the BBC building in Manchester, exposing the lies of Panorama. Shortly afterwards his Facebook and Instagram accounts were taken down in an attempt to silence him, but they have failed. He continues to post his videos and campaign materials elsewhere, and encourages us to register at his new website: Tommy continues his campaigns, but the latest attack has caused some disruption with the consequence that some of the links in the article below don't work because they point to Facebook and need to be updated.

Tommy Robinson arrested
"George, get me a solicitor!" play video

Tommy Robinson was in the street outside Leeds Crown Court on Friday 25 May 2018, live streaming a report about rape grooming trials, when police arrived and arrested him for no apparent reason. He was put on trial the same day, without his solicitor, and sent to prison for 13 months. There was a demo the next day outside Downing Street. Shortly afterwards he was transferred to Onley prison which has a high proportion of radical Muslim inmates and he was put in solitary confinement because of concerns about his safety. He was released on Wednesday 1st August after a successful appeal, subject to a re-trial, and here is a video of Alan Craig outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London after the Judgement was announced.

He was back in court at the Old Bailey on 27 September and asked permission to present an argument that other journalists had engaged in the same activities but nothing had happened to them, and his trial was politically motivated. The trial was adjourned until 23 October when he presented his case and it was referred to the Attorney General. Then on 5 November he was “released from bail” which means the case has become dormant.

For the latest information about Tommy, see his Facebook page and #FreeTommy.

We believe that rape grooming gangs are an attack against the family. Girls are not supposed to get raped, they are supposed to grow up feeling secure and respected, then get married and raise families. The family is the fundamental group unit of society which contributes to the community and nation. Rape grooming gangs are an attack against all of us.

When Tommy was released from prison he said: "I want to share this moment with you." watch video

This is not just about Tommy. For the ongoing story of Tommy Robinson and Melanie Shaw, see Rough Justice in the Gulag Britannica.

Mike Gascoigne

Independent School Standards

Making sure they support same-sex marriage whether they like it or not

Read more

Respond to the Public Consultation

Deadline: Tuesday 5 June 2018

Support 4 the Family:
UKIP Special Interest Group

We are pleased to announce that the National Executive Committee (NEC), at their meeting on Sunday 25 March 2018, approved our application to be recognised by the party as a Special Interest Group.

One of our first priorities will be to recruit new members to the party on the basis that UKIP is the party of traditional family values.

Alan Williams says: As chairman of Support 4 the Family I would like to thank the NEC for awarding our organisation Special Interest Group status. We are now part of the “in UKIP” family. Read more in Kipper Central

Mike Gascoigne says: As secretary of Support 4 the Family I would like to thank the NEC for awarding our organisation Special Interest Group (SIG) status. We are now called Support 4 the Family in UKIP. Read more in UKIP Daily

These two articles start off the same but continue very different.

Less State: More Family

UKIP’s Families and Children spokesperson, Alan Craig, begins to set out his vision for UKIP as the only pro-family party in Britain.

It’s an honour to be appointed UKIP’s first-ever Families and Children spokesperson.

The two-parent family is the bedrock of a healthy society and the best place to nurture the next generation, and I intend to be its champion. I also recognise that in a democratic society (and in a political party like UKIP) people are and must be free to choose, prefer and promote other forms of personal domestic arrangement.

UKIP is a small-government party and I aim to get the interfering state off the backs of families. My driving long-term aim will be Less State: More Family.

Read more

See also printable PDF

Note: The creation of this new spokesperson role is the fulfilment of our motion passed almost unanimously at the UKIP National Conference 2017. Read more

Alan Craig

A Great Day in Birmingham

Gerard Batten appointed Interim Party Leader


Henry Bolton dismissed

Gerard Batten

Henry Bolton

Raymond Stewart came all the way from Northern Ireland to support the No Confidence motion against Henry.

Everyone who resigned from UKIP because of Henry, or became inactive waiting for membership subscriptions to expire, please come back, we need your support.

If you know anyone who is no longer supporting us because of Henry, give them the good news, Henry has gone, Gerard has got off to a good start, there is work to be done and we want them back.

Published 19 Feb. 2018, Updated 21 Feb. 2018

What an amazing day! UKIP members flocked to Birmingham on Saturday 17 February to express their views about our Party Leader, Henry Bolton, who had left his family including two small children and gone for a woman less than half his age who sent out racist text messages. The National Executive Committee (NEC), at the request of the members, had unanimously passed a vote of No Confidence against him, but he refused to resign, so according to the procedures laid down in the Constitution they had to call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to allow the members to decide whether to support the motion of No Confidence against Henry, or to oppose it and allow him to continue as Party Leader.

The committee of Support 4 the Family were all present at the EGM, together with some of our supporters. We met outside the International Convention Centre (ICC) to welcome people as they arrived and handed out leaflets saying "Time to Decide. Do we, the members of UKIP, support traditional family values or not?" It also said that family failure costs the taxpayer £51bn/year, and when we pointed out that Henry was part of the problem, people saw the connection immediately. Click here for the leaflet and here for the Relationships Foundation, the organisation that worked out the figures.

The meeting was chaired by Paul Oakden, giving equal time to speakers from both sides. Steve Crowther presented the case against Henry, arguing that the previous elected Party Leader, Paul Nuttall, had resigned because of problems with his CV, and therefore the next Party Leader should have realised it's important to make sure his CV is correct. Henry should not have falsely claimed to have a BA, even if he thought it might be the equivalent of something else. There are things that other people might get away with from time to time, if they are lucky, but not the Party Leader. Other people might claim all sorts of rights, but the Party Leader does not have the right to leave his wife and children. Henry's personal life and his style of leadership was not what we expected and was causing embarrassment for people who will soon be expected to register as candidates in local elections and go out campaigning. Henry countered it with the claim that he had worked hard during his time as Party Leader, his private life was none of our business, and the NEC was involved in some kind of sinister plot against him and he called on us to "drain the swamp".

The response of the audience, up to this point, suggested that the debate could go either way and it was difficult to tell who would win. Then Paul Oakley, the second speaker in favour of the motion, revealed that Henry had made threats of legal action against the NEC, including an attempt to get the EGM cancelled. From this point onward, the mood of the audience began to change.

The next speaker against the motion was Councillor Paul Richardson, then there were three more speakers on either side, from people in the audience who had signed up to speak and their names were drawn out of two buckets, "for" and "against".

Then there were the two final speakers. Paula Walters said how she had worked hard on the NEC and didn't like being called a "swamp", and she didn't like Henry's threat to sue them. Henry chose to speak for himself, rather than appoint a representative, and he confirmed that he intends to carry out his threat to sue the NEC for holding the EGM, if the vote goes against him and he is unable to continue as leader. This turned out to be a calamitous lack of judgement, as if he thought he could win votes by threatening people.

Then it was time to vote. It was a secret ballot and when voting was finished the ballot boxes were carried up onto the stage to be counted and scrutinised in front of everyone, and Paul Oakden announced the result:

  In favour of the no confidence motion86763%
  Against the no confidence motion50037%
  Total valid votes cast


Then the NEC retired for a brief meeting to decide what happens next, and as expected, Paul re-appeared and announced the appointment of Gerard Batten as the new Interim Leader.

Our comments: We believe that this has always been a contest between two value systems:

  1. Traditional family values, including the values of honesty and integrity that parents normally pass on to their children, with varying degrees of success;

  2. Family failure and the resulting social disintegration and anarchy.

We asked the question as people arrived for the EGM "Do we, the members of UKIP, support traditional family values or not?" and they have answered "Yes, we do". This is consistent with the answer they gave us earlier, at the National Conference in Torquay in September 2017, when they gave overwhelming support to a motion to appoint a Family and Childrens' Spokesperson.

We would like to thank all our supporters, those who turned up on the day to express your views and vote, and those who persuaded the NEC to pass a vote of No Confidence in the Party Leader, either by writing to them directly or by writing to us in response to our policy survey. You will remember the results were:

Henry should resign72%
Don't know, need more information20%
Keep Henry as leader8%
Those who wanted to keep Henry as leader were giving pragmatic reasons, primarily that they didn't want a new leadership election. Nobody actually thought that he was a good leader.

Join the Public Consultation on Sex and Relationship Education and PSHE

This topic is to be updated. The deadline for the consultation has expired.

The Department of Education, in accordance with the Children and Social Work Act 2017, is introducing the following compulsory subjects to be taught in schools:

  • Relationships Education (RE) in primary schools

  • Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) in secondary schools, to replace the current Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)

Relationships Education will have an emphasis on equality and diversity, including the protected characteristics defined by the Equality Act 2010, so that children in both primary and secondary schools will be taught about sexual orientation (gay or straight) and gender reassignment (choose your preferred gender regardless of your birth gender).

Sex education will continue to be taught in primary schools as a non-compulsory subject as it is now, including independent schools if they wish to do so. However, considering that RE is likely to include sexual orientation, sex education is likely to creep into this compulsory subject. Otherwise, how can you teach sexual orientation without saying anything about sex?

Do you want your children and grand-children to be taught homosexuality and transgender ideology from the age of 4?

Do you want sex education in primary schools to become compulsory by stealth?

Under existing law, sex education is a compulsory subject when taught as a science subject within the National Curriculum (e.g. the science of reproduction), but there is a parental right to withdraw a child from sex education lessons which are part of Sex and Relationship Education (SRE). The new law does not allow any parental right of withdrawal from any component of RE or RSE, although the children may in some circumstances withdraw themselves from components of these subjects, depending on the rules to be defined by the Department of Education.

Do you want minors to be placed in a position where they are considered to have greater wisdom than their parents?

The Department of Education has started a public consultation on 'Changes to the teaching of Sex and Relationship Education and PSHE'. The purpose is to define the content of the new subjects described above, and also to decide how to retain components of Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education where they are needed for continuity.

The consultation began on 19 December 2017 with a survey hosted on the DoE website here, and since then the Safe at School Campaign has been working on a set of briefing notes, giving us advice about how to fill it in. Safe at School a project of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC).

Please read the briefing notes before you fill in the survey. They can be downloaded from the SPUC website here.

The consultation closes at 11:45pm on Sunday 12 February 2018. Please do not miss the deadline.

Gareth Bennett, UKIP member of the Welsh Assembly, was banned from speaking in the Senedd for saying transgender is a "deviation from the norm"

Gareth Bennett, AM
member profile & contact

On Tuesday 12 December, Gareth Bennett was speaking about the UK government's Gender Recognition (Amendment) Bill 2017, which is intended to simplify the process of legally changing gender, and he said these words:

"There is only so much deviation from the norm that any society can take before that society completely implodes, and if we carry on down this road of appeasing the nuttiest elements of the transgender movement, then what we will face as a society, within a very short space of time, is total implosion."

The next day, in response to a point of order raised by Labour AM Joyce Watson, he was banned from speaking in the house. Presiding Officer Elin Jones said his remarks were "particularly hateful" and asked him to apologise, and he refused to do so, and she told him he would not be allowed to speak in 2018 (Did that mean for the whole year?!!)
Gareth promptly got up and left the chamber, while Neil Hamilton AM attempted to intervene with a point of order about Joyce Watson, but it was not allowed.

Watch video

Our comments:

Our sex is defined before birth, in our chromosomes (XY for men, XX for women) and in our anatomy (we all know the difference). Some people perceive themselves as belonging to a gender that doesn't match their bodies, but it's delusional, and attempting to change our bodies to match a different 'gender identity' causes a lot of harm.

Gareth Bennett is correct to say that gender transition is a "deviation from the norm" and he has not said anything that implies 'hate'. We demanded, along with many others, that his right to speak in the Senedd should be reinstated immediately.

See also:

Dr. Michelle Cretella, President of the American College of Pediatricians,
Pediatrician: ‘Transgender’ ideology has created widespread child abuse, LifeSite News, 10 July 2017.

David Kurten, London Assembly Member, UKIP Spokesman on Education,
Transgenderism and this insane ban on free speech, Conservative Woman, 19 December 2017.

Alan Craig, UKIP Havering Branch secretary, UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Witney (2017)
The transgender agenda, UKIP Daily, 17 December 2017.
Gareth Bennett and freedom of speech: It’s time for action! Kipper Central, 30 December 2017.

Update: The Assembly reconvenes after the Christmas & New Year break

On Wednesday 10 January, Gareth Bennett was given an opportunity to speak in the Assembly and, addressing Elin Jones, he said: "I'm sorry that people took offence at what I said ... I do, however, stand by the views I expressed about the proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Bill."

She replied: "I accept your apology...", and thus his right to speak was re-instated.

Read more and watch video.

This was clearly a stage-managed affair. Gareth didn't apologise, he just constructed a sentence that includes the word "sorry", and Elin Jones accepted it as an "apology". She had been too draconian, possibly going beyond her authority, and needed something to get her off the hook.

However, this is not the end of the matter. Greg Jackson, a team member of CitizenGo, has started up a petition asking Elin Jones to state precisely which Assembly rule Gareth Bennett has broken, and if she can find no such rule, she should apologise to him.
Please sign the petition.

UKIP National Conference 2017 Gives Overwhelming Support for the Appointment of a Family and Childrens' Spokesperson

Alan Williams, Chairman of Support 4 the Family, proposing the motion.

The following motion from Support 4 the Family was passed by the Conference almost unanimously:

The conference expresses strong concern over the Children & Social Work Act 2017 because it attempts to promote cultural Marxism in the classroom and thus deny parents the liberty and right to withdraw their children from such teaching. UKIP needs a family and childrens' spokesperson to firmly address such matters.

The motion was passed with hundreds of votes in favour and only two votes against.

Read more

Leadership Candidate Policy Survey

For the third time in a year, we have sent a policy survey to candidates for the Party Leadership.

See the candidate responses here.

This policy survey has created considerable interest.
See UKIP and media comment.

Support 4 the Family welcomes Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali to the UKIP National Conference in Torquay

UKIP has invited Bishop Michael as a keynote speaker at our National Conference in Torquay on 29-30 September 2017. He is from a mixed-religion family in Karachi and became the Anglican Bishop of Rochester. He has done some pioneering work in promoting cross-cultural integration and understanding and his theme for the conference will be Christianity and the Roots of our Civilisation.

He has traditional views about marriage and the family and he says: We affirm the value of all friendships and strong relationships between people, whether in the family or with friends. We want a society with such strong friendships and relationships. Marriage, however, is a special kind of relationship and should not be confused with other relationships which have their own integrity. This is rooted in the Bible’s understanding of man and woman being created together and created together in God’s image. This means that men and women are ordered to one another and it is their similarity and also their difference which makes for the complementarity needed for a stable union.

Read more

Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali

Rodney Hearth Speaks With David Kurten

Rodney Hearth Speaks With David Kurten

"There's this whole issue, what I call Cultural Marxism ..."

Watch video and move the timer to 11:34.

David Kurten says:

See campaign leaflet

Kurten for Leader: Curtains for Cultural Marxism

Alan Craig, Kipper Central, 8 September 2017

Cultural Marxism continues relentlessly its long march through the institutions today... Read more

Conservative Party no longer a distinct political entity

[23 July 2017]
With imminent surrender to the EU on immigration, an epidemic of crime following police ‘reforms’ and now the proposal to cease recognising male and female genders, the Conservative Party has ceased to exist as a recognisable entity, says UKIP.

Read more

See also Sunday Times: Tories promote right to choose your own sex

UKIP South West Regional Conference, Weymouth, March 2017

David Hughes explaining to a visitor that we have the support of the South West Region.

The theme of this exhibition, featured in our leaflet available here, was the high cost of family failure, estimated to be £48bn/year, greater than the defence budget and almost half the NHS budget. This is the cost to the taxpayer, additional to the costs incurred by the families in terms of money and personal distress. (But the latest report in 2018 says it's gone up to £51bn)

We also gave out copies of our previous leaflet featuring sex education in schools. There is too much sex education, it's too explicit and taught to children when they are too young. There are new developments which will make it even worse, and we gave out instructions about how to lobby our MPs about amendments to the Children and Social Work bill that will make sex education compulsory in all schools including primary schools and academies. In primary schools it will be called "Relationships Education" (SRE without the sex) and it will have an emphasis on consent, which begs the question, what are they supposed to be consenting to?

We are aware that many young people are fed up of being bombarded with stuff about sex, from the schools, the media and the internet. They say it's not good enough, being told to use a condom, they would rather not have sex at all until they are married. They have arrived at this concludion, not from a religious point of view, but because they have had enough of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. We gave out literature on this theme from the Family Education Trust and Challenge Team UK, and it came as no surprise to many people at our exhibition stand, they said they are already aware of this trend.

UKIP National Conference, Bolton, February 2017

Left to right: David Lindsay, Neil (both from Christian Concern), Alan Craig (S4TF committee member), Anish Patel (NEC member)

This looks like a Support 4 the Family exhibition, but appearances are deceptive. All the literature on this table is from Christian Concern except for a small pile of leaflets on the right (see arrow). This is our leaflet, available here, about the high cost of family failure, estimated to be £48bn/year. (But the latest report in 2018 says it's gone up to £51bn)

Support 4 the Family does not yet have official status as a UKIP Special Interest Group, but we are working on it. The cost of an exhibition stand at the non-commercial rate would have been £500 including VAT, more than we can afford. But we have lots of friends. Christian Concern was there and we have common cause with them on many issues, and they welcomed us with our leaflets and our banner.

The Family as a Party Policy Area

Alan Williams

Alan Williams, Chairman of Support 4 the Family, sent the following email to Paul Nuttall, UKIP Party Leader, on 12 January 2017.

Paul Nuttall

Dear Paul,

I am writing to you as Chairman of Support 4 the Family, a group of UKIP members dedicated to promoting the natural family. We have received our invitations from Paul Oakden to attend a series of meetings to discuss policy issues with the portfolio holders you have appointed.

It is good to see such decisive action in making these appointments but we are concerned about the omission of a portfolio for the family. We believe that this should be major party policy area for the following reasons.

Read more

A New Day Dawns

"It was an off-the-Richter-scale earthquake, followed by an even bigger – because American – aftershock. Brexit, followed by Brexit plus plus plus. History before our eyes."

Alan Craig argues that this event has brought a new era of freedom of speech and he would like to see the gay marriage debate reopened.

Read more in "Alan's Angle"

See also his campaign website

Alan Craig, NEC Candidate in Dec. 2016, came 15th out of 89.

Alan has supported us from the beginning. Here he is with our banner, shortly after it was delivered in February 2016.

Alan Craig in the red jacket next to Paul Nuttall, campaigning for Victoria Ayling (next right) in the Sleaford & North Hykeham by-election

UKIP National Conference, Bournemouth, September 2016

Here is our exhibition stand at the Bournemouth Conference, supported by UKIP South West. Just in case you can't read the white banner on the left,
click here.

This year's exhibition at Bournemouth focused on a variety of family issues, but we were mainly supporting UKIP's policy of opposing sex education in primary schools. We gave out our new leaflet on this theme, together with our two previous leaflets and various publications from other organisations.

We got some publicity from the Mirror and the Metro, both of them displaying the front page of our first leaflet produced for the National Conference in Doncaster last year, which says "No sex education in primary schools". The Mirror exaggerates it to a "call to stop ALL sex education in schools". The Metro calls it a "ban on sex education" (less explicitly wrong, but still wrong). Never mind, this is journalism, why should the truth get in the way of a good story? Both articles contain lots of pictures and you have to scroll down to find us at the bottom. Click here for the Mirror and here for the Metro.

For details of our leaflets including links to printable PDF versions, click here.

The people decided, on 23rd June 2016, that the UK should leave the European Union.

The Committee of Support 4 the Family would like to thank everyone who has worked hard to achieve this result.

There is still work to be done. See EU Referendum 2016.

Debbie Pitt talking to a visitor at our exhibition stand at the UKIP South West Spring Conference in Thornbury, March 2016

Fringe Meeting at UKIP Spring Conference, Llandudno, February 2016

Support4theFamily was delighted to participate in UKIP's Spring Conference in beautiful Llandudno, Wales. We ran a fringe event, complete with balloons, chocolate, coffee and juice. We had some good conversations with party leaders who appear to share our concerns. Indeed, we felt they were on our page and very supportive. Others dropped by to chat and we felt it well worth our time and investment.

We offered a wide variety of resources and literature to help the confused who want the best for family life but who often do not know where to turn. Frequently there is a realization that things are seriously amiss, but very little idea as to what to do about it!

Dr Lisa Nolland gave a brief presentation about certain toxic (in her view) 'sex and relationship education' and 'equalities' curricula in schools.

Read more

Dr Lisa Nolland, co-editor of
God, Gays and the Church,
is an expert on the history of the sexual revolution, its impact and how to counter it.

Mike Gascoigne and Alan Williams at the UKIP National Conference in Doncaster, September 2015

We are members of UKIP, supporting traditional family values. We made our first public appearance by setting up an exhibition stand at the UKIP National Conference in Doncaster in September 2015. It turned out to be very popular with many conference delegates visiting the stand, expressing their support, and many of them signed a contact list so we can keep in touch.

Talking Sense

How many ex-gays are there?

New life, Old Life

Probably more than you think.
Click Here

Welcome to the Ex-LGBT
Click here for flyer (PDF)

Natalia Osipenko


Kovdor, Murmansk , Russia

Who Scares Wins?

Facing down the cry-bullies

Click here for flyer (PDF)

Did you know that there are people who survive abortions?

Click Here

Northern Ireland

Once the safest place in Europe for unborn babies. Now the most dangerous.

  • Abortion for any reason up to 12 or 14 weeks;

  • Abortion on demand, on mental health grounds, up to 22 or 24 weeks;

  • No specific restriction on gender-based abortion up to 22 or 24 weeks;

  • No law protecting the unborn child up to 28 weeks during a "limbo period" ending on 31 March 2020;

  • Abortion for disabilities including club foot, cleft lip, ancephaly & downs syndrome, possibly up to the moment of birth.

See press release, 5 November 2019, from Precious Life

Women's right to be women - a dispatch from the battlefront

Julia Gasper

Conservative Woman

6 November 2019

... I decided to attend The Woman’s Place meeting ... to give my support to their right to lawful assembly ...

... I found myself, however, listening to a panel of distinguished speakers presenting their various perspectives on why we need to uphold the objective biological definition of ‘woman’ as a sex, not a subjective ‘gender’ category ...

... What would be left of ‘Women’s Studies’ if we demolish the objective biological category of women, ...

Read more

Policies 4 the Family

Family-Friendly Policies from the UKIP 2018 Interim Manifesto

Read more

Persecution of Christians

Jeremy Hunt, Foreign Secretary, orders an Independent Review

Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP,
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

Thanks to everyone who wrote to the Foreign Secretary about this issue.

Read more

Conservative Woman

No. 1 Top Read of the Year, 2018

Mrs. May's War on Motherhood

Click here

Then scroll down to the bottom and find a video from therapist Erica Komisar explaining why Mother and Baby should be together during the first three years.

Rape Gangs: The Worst Social Crime for 200 years

Alan Craig,
UKIP Spokesman for Families & Children

"The decades-long and nationwide rape of many thousands of underage girls – and some boys – by brutal and depraved predominantly Muslim rape gangs is, in my view, the worst social crime for 200 years."

UKIP Daily, 15 October 2018

Read more

Fight the Left’s home education power grab ...

David Kurten,
Member of London Assembly,
UKIP Education Spokesman.

"... New guidance is once again chilling in its totalitarianism, and this is apparent in a long document entitled ‘Elective Home Education – Draft Guidance for Local Authorities’.

The law currently requires home education to be suitable, effective and full-time, but these three conditions are not specifically defined in law, so parents have a free rein to home school their children as they see fit, and most do a fantastic job. Parents are not under any obligation to tell local authorities about the arrangements they make, but the new guidance undermines this freedom. ...

... This guidance will come into effect if no one speaks up, ...

Conservative Woman, 29 June 2018

Read more

Gerard Batten speaks about Tommy Robinson

Gerard Batten interview about Tommy Robinson
Gerard Batten, UKIP Leader
Infowars 30 May 2018

Gerard says: "I'm a supporter of what Tommy Robinson is trying to achieve ... which is protecting the victims of the industrialised rape gangs that we've got operating up and down this country now."

Play video


play video

How would you like it if you discovered one day that the person you shared your life and your bed with turned out to be not the person you thought they were?

Police Spies Out of Lives

Demo organisers, be careful who you fall in love with!

Support victims of #SpyCops
Sign the Petition

Equal Rights for the Unborn Child

Irish Referendum on Abortion

"Heroes. Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts."

Our comment:

Equal rights for the unborn child have been lost in the Republic of Ireland. Now they are turning their sights on the North

Abortion is a Devolved Issue in Northern Ireland: It Must Remain That Way
Sign the Petition

Ashers Bakery Appeal to Supreme Court

Daniel and Amy McArthur outside the Supreme Court
Daniel and Amy McArthur outside the Supreme Court on 2 May 2018

Law protects people, not campaign messages

For a report from the Christian Institute, legal representatives of the Ashers Bakery, Click here

Battle of Rights

Mike Gascoigne, Secretary, Support 4 the Family

I first came across a condition called Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) when I read something about a man who had an accident and hit his head and became unconscious, and when he came round in hospital he fell out of bed because he tried to throw away his leg, not realising that it was attached to his body...

UKIP Daily, 24 April 2018 Read more

Update 17 August 2018, The Vue Cinema in Picadilly, featured in this story, has admitted that they were wrong to cancel the ex-gay film Voices of the Silenced. Read more

Child Sexual Exploitation: Grooming Gangs

Question asked by Lord Pearson of Rannoch, House of Lords, 13 March 2018

Lord Pearson of Rannoch

Question: To ask Her Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the national scale of the “grooming gang scandal”, including sexual exploitation of non-Muslim children by Muslim men, as emerged recently in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and elsewhere; and what steps they are taking to enable the prosecution of those in the police and local authorities who have failed to prevent it.

Read debate in Hansard

Watch video

"... these girls are usually raped several times a day. If we accept the views of our lead police officer for child protection, of Rotherham's MP and of the recent Jay and Quilliam reports, we are looking at millions of rapes of white and Sikh girls by Muslim men, only 222 of whom have been convicted since 2005."

Grooming Gangs: UKIP’s Opportunity and Responsibility

Alan Craig, UKIP Daily, 2 March 2018

One unfortunate by-product of Rotherham Labour MPs’ successful libel case against UKIP’s Yorkshire MEP Jane Collins is that some members of our party are now less willing to tackle the national grooming gang scandal – the sexual exploitation and abuse of mainly young white English girls by mostly older Pakistani-heritage Muslim men. Read more

See also: Kipper Central, 5 Nov. 2017

Steve Crowther's speech at the EGM, Birmingham, 17 Feb. 2018

Commentary by Dr. Deborah Pitt

Steve Crowther gave the opening speech for the NEC's case.

Steve was frank that he had been a Henry Bolton supporter. He had been impressed by his CV. He had invited him to his home. But by the time of the NEC vote he had lost faith in Henry because of his poor political judgment and lack of insight as to priorities. In view of the huge problem caused by Paul Nuttall's inaccurate CV Henry should have ensured that his own was flawless. Whereas his job was to turn round the fortunes of the party he had been 'tinkering under the bonnet' instead of getting on with the OUT NOW campaign and engaging with major donors. He was unpunctual and at times uncommunicative.

Steve emphasised that this meeting was not about the NEC, but Henry was trying to turn the event into a contest between himself and the NEC. Steve was at pains to point out that contrary to some claims by Diane James and Nigel Farage the NEC does support the leader. He expressed concern about serious disparagement by Nigel Farage of NEC members and about Henry Bolton's words: 'draining the swamp'.

Steve brought up Henry's proposed new constitution and said 'Thank heavens, we saw it!' In his view it portrayed an attempt to arrogate power to the leader and would undermine cohesion. Also, Henry was woefully short of ideas, (though he had raised the membership fee to £35), and had let slip that UKIP is short of cash. He had not supported Welsh Assembly member Gareth Bennett, (who had been barred mid-December from speaking in the Assembly; click here) and had behaved rashly in choosing to meet Jo Marney in such a public place as the National Liberal Club.

Henry's attitude was that it was all about him and that everyone is out of step except him!

Deborah Pitt

David Kurten: The brave new world of trial by media

David Kurten,
Member of London Assembly,
UKIP Education Spokesman.

"The world outside Westminster is once again looking on astonished as Parliament lurches into another bout of deep irrelevance by conducting a witch-hunt against its elected members for acts of flirtation and banter."

Conservative Woman, 10 November 2017

Read more

During the UKIP party leadership contest, Support 4 the Family sent out a policy survey that included the following question:

Is our sexual orientation (gay or straight) fixed at birth or not?

To read about the pandemonium that broke loose when David Kurten answered this question, click here.

There were calls for him to be dropped from the contest, just for suggesting that it might have something to do with childhood experiences.

Comment from our Chairman

... This is “cultural” as opposed to “economic” Marxism fighting to destroy freedom and democracy for the sake of a dystopian fantasy...

Kipper Central, 22/08/2017
Read more

Alan Williams

Tweets from David Kurten:

04/08/2017 Tolerance turns to totalitarianism: National Trust staff/volunteers excluded for not wearing 'symbol of inclusivity' [ref: Christian Institute] click here

04/08/2017 The purpose of the army is to defend the nation and, if necessary, to kill the enemy. Sweden has lost the plot. [ref: Breitbart] click here

Cost of Family Failure:
£48 bn and still rising.

See website and full report.

Update: The latest figure published in 2018 is £51bn


Police going soft on low level paedophilia

Read more

Child Stealing By The State:
A Social Worker Speaks

Child Stealing By The State: A Social Worker Speaks

Social Services whistle-blower Carol Woods speaks to Brian Gerrish about her time at Lancashire Social Services where she came under extreme pressure to falsify documents and perjure herself to justify children being removed from their parents to order.

Watch video

Short video from Jonathan Arnott,
UKIP MEP for the North East:

It's time to protect vulnerable children and innocent families

It's time to protect vulnerable children and innocent families.

Support 4 the Family:
Leaflets for you to download as PDF and print. (Acrobat Reader required).

See our Resources page.

UKIP Manifestos

UKIP Christian Manifesto 2015